Ever since Homer Simpson first ate that holy waffle, exclaiming "Mmmm sacrilicious", sacrilege has been hilarious to me. I also enjoy me a simple flash game or two. Do those two sentences seem awkwardly unrelated? Not so! I want to share with you guys the games I play that are both rad and sacrilegious. Dare I say - radcrilegious?

Bible fight

Bible fight is the fighting game Joe Lieberman would have wanted to replace Mortal Kombat with if that ancient fuddy duddy had his way back in the 90s. It even follows the biblical tradition of unabashed misogyny considering Eve is the WORST CHARACTER EVER.

Jesus Dress Up!

Oh, many a wasted night in my youth was spent at my friend's fridge rearrainging George Bush's outlandish outfits on his magnetic paper doll set. This online Jesus version is just as fun, and because Jesus was most likely a fictional character, I don't get sad every once in a while as I did by having to stair at GW's stupid monkey face.

Homeless or Jesus?

This is a simple guessing game where you get a square of a picture, usually a close up of a sweet beard, and you are made to guess if it's a picture of a homeless guy or a picture of Jesus.