Memory Walk to AIDS walk - Joining Forces For A Stronger Presence


I had previously posted my intention to try to start an atheist walking team for the Memory Walk being held in Seattle in September. I have since decided to abandon my efforts to start up a team for the Memory Walk and instead join the already formed atheist group that is getting involved in the Pierce County AIDS Walk.

The main reason for giving up on the Memory Walk completely is the fact that both walks are happening on the same day. Also, in trying to recruit my group of atheist friends, I found that a good deal of them will be out of town or have otherwise pressing commitments which can't be altered in favor of participation in the walk.

I had not given up on the Memory Walk but was somewhat disillusioned by this new information when I ran across a twitter from Tacoma Atheists promoting their participation in the AIDS Walk. I was immediately interested in joining this group and though saddened to learn that both walks were scheduled for the same day, decided to join forces with an already established group with a pre-existing list of participants. I feel that it is more important to create a solid presence in a single event than to show a weaker presence in two separate events.

My hope is still to recruit people into participating as atheists in this walk in order provide an example of atheists doing charitable, good work. I hope I can get at least two more people on board with me - that would be an admittedly small victory but one worth being proud of.

If you wish to sponsor me or our group on this walk, please visit my personal page and donate, or just leave a comment if you wish to show some support. Either would be tremendously appreciated.