Proof That It's All A Bunch of Shit


The Virgin Mary seems to choose quite a few wacky places to appear and the latest occurrence that has ridiculously misguided followers flocking for a view is probably the most spot on medium of all for a religious 'sighting': The Virgin Mary has been found in bird shit.

I'm trying to not be a jerk about this, honestly I'm not, but this is nothing short of absurd. Whether you question the credibility of the test for psychological use, most people are familiar with the Rorschach Test. In theory, this test works by the assumption that the test taker's spontaneous or unrehearsed responses reveal deep secrets or significant information about the taker's personality or innermost thoughts. While this test is questionable on a psychiatric level, the basic premise of the test is grounded in the fact that the human brain can take an abstract image and see something entirely physical within that image regardless of how random the actual image might be.

When I hear about these passionately religious people crying and having profound feelings of presence and similar religious experiences when they look at bird feces on the mirror of a truck, I can't help but automatically conclude that these people are not witnessing some kind of divine portrait, but seeing what they want to see. If I came out and proclaimed that this poop spot was none other than the mighty Atheismo come to give hope and comfort to all of it's atheist bretherin, I would be considered a little off my rocker by whomever happened to hear my proclamation, but more-over my undivine discovery would be largely ignored. As it should be! These kind of "sightings" deserve no more investigation or attention than the cat lady down the street who claims her ex husband talks to her through her morning cup of coffee.

Harmless? Probably. Newsworthy? Not at all.