Billy Graham is a Total Dick


I know, I know - obvious statement is obvious - but sometimes I forget just how big a dick he is, and then he reminds me.

Atheist may be sunny on outside, but feel empty inside

That's a promising title.

The kindest, most thoughtful person I know says she’s an atheist and doesn’t even believe in God. I always thought we needed to believe in God before we’d behave like she does, but I guess this isn’t necessarily true, is it? — S.K.

It makes me sad that someone might actually earnestly ask this question, but I could see it happening. It seems to me this person came to the logical conclusion - the non religious can be just as kind and thoughtful as the religious.

I’m convinced that when a person comes to Jesus Christ and commits his or her life to Him, they will become a better person than they ever were before. If your atheist friend comes to Christ some day, she’ll be an even better person than she is now.

Why is she such a kind and thoughtful person? I don’t know the reason; perhaps she simply has a sunny personality (as some people do), or perhaps her parents taught her to be kind and considerate when she was growing up. But I do know this: She’s not this way because she’s an atheist. In fact, she’s this way in spite of her atheism — because a true atheist has no real reason to believe in right and wrong, or to behave sacrificially toward others.

Oh Billy... I honestly don't see how this guy feels he's in a position to judge others about anything ethical when he makes a living squeezing money out of rubes and the elderly in the name of Jesus. To me, having the qualities and morals that are required to be a televangelist seems far worse than the singular lack of belief in god that makes one an atheist.

Pray for her, that God will open her eyes — not only to His existence, but also to His love for her. And ask God to help you be a witness to her of Christ’s love and transforming power. On the outside, she may seem self-sufficient and indifferent toward God — but inside she may be spiritually empty and searching for inner peace.

Send your queries to “My Answer,” c/o Billy Graham...

Or, S.K., you could not listen to the con artist whose job it is to get you to give him money in a religious fit of stupidity, and instead talk to your atheist friend more. See what makes her such a good person. After all, it seems like she's a good person for no reason besides that's who she is. Billy here is only as good as he can play on TV.