Atheist Blogroll


Alrighty kids, I was just officially added to that juggernaut of godlessness, the Atheist Blogroll. If you're an atheist, agnostic, secular, or whatever your favorite term might be, I would strongly suggest going through the motions of adding your little thought spot on the web to the roll.

I like the idea of the project in that it unifies us all in one tidy list so that like minded individuals can easily find one another and curious individuals have a user friendly reference to get started. The keeper of the list (sounds nerdily grandios!) would be Mojoey over at Deep Thoughts.

On the subject of blogs, I thought I would share with you a list of the blogs I personally read on a daily basis:
If anyone has any suggestions for other tasty atheist blogs, let me know. The atheist blogroll has almost 1000 blogs on it and while I sometimes have time to do some random clicking and looking around, I still prefer recommendations.