Kissimmee, FL "In God We Trust" Ordinance Withdrawn, Bigot Pissed


KISSIMMEE, Florida - Kissimmee commissioner Art Otero is not letting go of his effort to add the words "In God We Trust" to the city logo and says he will take the initiative to a referendum if needed.

An ordinance that added the motto passed on first reading through the City Commission last month but was withdrawn last week by the board, after Mayor Jim Swan said that Otero's comments had brought "ridicule" on the city.

Swan read a statement at the meeting saying that the commission's original intent to add the motto for "patriotic purposes" had now been "tainted."

"Staff has been distracted from its normal duties responding to citizens comments and demands on the issues. There have been threats of boycotting local businesses and future businesses looking elsewhere," his statement said.

Otero had told the Orlando Sentinel he started the logo effort because he feared the country was moving toward "liberal postures such as homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of marijuana." He also referred to the Obama administration as "socialist."


It's simple, Otero. You had a chance of getting this BS passed until you showed your cards and left no doubt that this ordinance was not proposed by an American Patriot (tm) in the name of American Patriotism (tm) but rather as an anti-gay, anti-Obama extremist hell bent on pushing your god in any way possible in order to quell your own unfortunate fears about the big bad pace of social progression.

You forgot the cardinal rule of underhanded religiously driven politics - never be honest about your motivations or intentions. Stick to secular-based patriotism arguments and pretend the religious motivations don't exist AT ALL COSTS.

I have to thank you, however, for removing all doubt in regard to what the motivations behind this and no doubt most other pro-"In God We Trust" implementations really are.